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The Football keeps launching city version Replica Football Jerseys to refresh our attention. The “City Edition” Football Jersey is a collaboration between Nike and the Football. Through the introduction of the City Edition Football Jersey, it explores the uniqueness of the city where each team is located and integrates it into the Football Jersey design, ultimately hoping to help fans get closer to the home team. Architecture, landmarks, celebrity quotes, etc. may all become the background and inspiration themes of Football Jersey creativity, creating a fan culture that is completely loyal to their parent team.

Some of these Replica Football Jerseys are diverse, brightly colored, some are full of design, and some are full of arrogance! In the 2018-19 season, the league launched the achievement version of the Football Jersey on the basis of the city version. But what did their design come from? Why did they adopt such a design style and such a color combination?

Replcia Football Jerseys

Let’s get to know some Replica Football Jersey related to the history and culture of their city! The City Edition Football Jersey of the Thunder. The name of the state of Oklahoma, where Oklahoma City is located, comes from the Indian Choctaw language, which means “the land of the red race.”

Before the U.S. federal government decided to open Oklahoma to white immigrants on April 22, 1889, the Indians created a high degree of culture in the area, manufacturing exquisite pottery, textiles, carvings, and metal utensils.

Replcia Football Jerseys

The Oklahoma City Thunder City Edition Football Jersey is designed according to the traditional logos of Native Americans to pay tribute to the local Indian tribes. The Oklahoma City Thunder City Edition Replica Football Jersey is designed according to the traditional logos of Native Indians to pay tribute to the Indian tribes of Oklahoma.
The geometric design of the chest is derived from local beadwork. Hidden in the shorts is a tortoise pattern, which is characterized by a round shape that symbolizes the earth, and the four legs represent the four corners of the wheel of worship.

The 76ers City Edition Cheap Replica Football Jerseys, Philadelphia-the name of this city is also closely linked to the early history of the United States. Philadelphia has every reason to be proud of itself. Although the first shot of the War of Independence was fired in Lexington, Boston, the two Continental Conferences before and after the War of Independence were held in Philadelphia. The United States of America was born in Philadelphia. On July 4, 1776, the “Declaration of Independence” was passed in Philadelphia.

Replcia Football Jerseys

The Charlotte Hornets City Edition Football Replica Jersey, the aerospace warships in North Carolina where the Hornets are located, have made great contributions to the United States. The bright color distribution of this team’s city version Football Jersey is derived from North Carolina’s contribution to the history of aerospace.

On December 17, 1903, the first airplane in human history built by the Wright brothers, “Aviator One”, took off successfully in this state. The shield logo hidden in the lining of the shorts expresses the team’s unity and is also reminiscent of the Air Jordan Flight logo.

Replcia Football Jerseys

San Antonio Spurs City Edition Football Replica Jersey, San Antonio is one of the three major cities in Texas. In the 18th century, the Holy City was one of the earliest colonies in Spain. Later, when it became the territory of Mexico, it was the military and political center of Mexico. It was only later that it became independent from Mexico and returned to the United States.

Replcia Football Jerseys

Its military and political foundation made the Holy City the military and political center of Texas until today. The people of the Holy City are very proud of this! The San Antonio City Edition Football Jersey is printed with a combat camouflage pattern of a mixture of black and silver, and the team logo and spurs are printed in the middle of the chest.

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